Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do The Unthinkable

It always seems impossible until its done. 

How often have you encountered the million reasons why you shouldn't embark on an endeavor/adventure?  This happens to us all in both our personal and professional lives.  People line up to tell you the reasons why you shouldn't do something.  The next time this occurs take a look at the doubters to see how they are approaching their work and their life.  
  • Are they attempting to do the impossible?
  • Are they moving in the same direction as you?
  • Are they happy just going day to day?  
Nothing great has ever occurred without risk.  Most people settle because it is easier and safer.  Greatness is always one step away even if we can't initially see it.  It often takes faith to make that first step.  The first step always leads to something greater in the long run.  

We spend far too much time worrying about what other people think and not exploring our passion and unleashing our potential.  The world is counting on people willing to take risks, explore new territory and do the impossible.

A new year is rapidly approaching for leaders everywhere.  It is time to rid yourself of the noise that doubters bring.  It is time to do the unthinkable.  It is time to show the true greatness that is within.  

What are you  waiting for?  The only thing you don't have is time?  Today is the day. How will you embark on this journey towards everything you ever wanted?  B


  1. What am I doing? I want to be a part of a long list of educators who are committed to abolishing grading and truly focus on real learning.

    Inspiring post


  2. Joe
    I am definitely a part of that list. I love the work that you are doing. Keep knocking down walls and pushing the learning focus agenda.