Monday, March 29, 2010

The Power of Expectations and Attitude

"High Achievement Always Takes Place In The Framework Of High Expectations"
Charles Kettering

I am very fortunate to work with some wonderful teachers who do amazing work with kids.  My interactions with these teachers always leave me with the following questions.  
  1. Why is it that you can put any student in a particular teacher's room and you know that the child will be successful?  
  2. Why is it that certain behaviors will vanish as soon as the student steps foot in a certain classroom?  
  3. What factors do these unbelievable teachers have in common?
  4. How can I replicate these factors in others?

The two common factors that are present in every classroom like this are expectations and attitude.  The expectations in these classrooms transcend subgroups, standardized tests, and where a student resides academically.  The expectation is that every child is successful every day.  Why would we come to school with a different expectation?  The attitude is that I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure every child is successful.  Why would we come to school with a different attitude?  How do we replicate these traits in other people?  I believe it begins by involving them in projects that they are passionate about. B

"Often Attitude Is The Only Difference Between Success And Failure"
John Maxwell


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